Who am I

Andreavenezart is the name I have chosen to represent myself on social networks.

My name is Andrea Moreno born in Venezuela, Spanish and currently established in the city of London. Throughout my life, desingn and art and painting have influenced my personal growth. I have two daughters who are sources of my motivation.

I am a multi-faceted enterprising artist in different artistic techniques. My works reflet the splendor of nature,fantasy, beauty, the person himself and the fascinatingness of works inspired by biblical fragments.

Through the simplest tools that can be the pencil to the complexity of a digital ilustration. I can capture, desingn and build a whole world of ideas to be transmitted visually and thus evoke more sublime feelings that a person or company can express.

Andrea Moreno


Antonio García

Painting techniques

Néstor Canavarro. Illustrator

Realistic portrait with coloured pencils

Alan Coulson.

Realistic oil portrait


Gemma Capdevila

watercolor techniques for a dream illustration


Vania Bachur Illustrator

Creation of an illustrated brand


Román García Mora Illustrator

introduction to Procreate

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